Fundamental issues in philosophy of physics and chemistry

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Przedmiot oferowany w ramach Uczelnianej Bazy Przedmiotów w Językach Obcych.

Based on the original papers written by some of the most influential philosophers of science, the following issues will be presented and discussed during classes: scientific reasoning (induction, deduction, inference to the best explanation), causality, determinism, philosophical stances (e.g. scientific realism, instrumentalism, constructive empiricism, internal realism, semirealism), ontological and epistemological issues in science (e.g. objects existence, identity and properties – (un)observables and (un)detectables, problem of experiment/measurement, problem of abstraction, idealization and models, inadequacy of classical language in the description of peculiarities of micro world), laws of nature, the role of symmetry in science (Noether theorem, conservation laws, gauge symmetry), ontological and epistemological reductionism, emergence in physics and chemistry, evolution of chosen concepts due to the theory developments (space, time), second law of thermodynamics and the arrow of time.