General remarks

There exists a mathematical truth and a physical truth. Mathematics has a platonic character, it is forming abstract concepts, general ones, like Platon's ideas and medieval realism. Mathematics is generalizing the description of reality, thus simplifying it, what is indispensable when looking for general solutions, and without mathematics physical science cannot exist. We see that the number 2 is an abstract concept, it does not precise whether two eggs or two apples or such, and for a consumer this is of basic importance. As once Korzinsky has stated: a map is not a terrain. Hence mathematics and physics cannot be the same and 'mathematical physics' presents a contradictio in adverbium. It is mathematics serving physics. Mathematical comprehension of the physical reality resulted in an abstract treatment of the double split experiment. The treatment neglects the presence of the side walls of the slits in a real material. This neglect was the reason of the conviction that the observed phenomenon cannot be explained in the frame of the classical physics. However, as it is demonstrated in the 'Looking for an answer', exactly these side walls are in fact responsible for the appearance of bands, dark and light, simulating 'interference of waves' Even if the material in which the splits are made is as thin as paper, tenths of millimeter thick, still the side walls thickness would be ten times greater than the wave length of the sodium light and the beam of this light can be reflected from these side walls not only once, but twice, leading to the effect of 'diffraction'. A true wave function must fulfill the virial theorem, but this theorem does not follow from the Schroedinger equation, it belongs to the deterministic classical mechanics, hence, it is introduced into the wave function arbitrarily. But only due to the introduction of the virial theorem the quantum chemical computations, like Gaussian, can lead to the proper and unequivocal results in the determination of the molecular structures. In the 'Looking for an answer' we show that by apllying the virial theorem directly, in the frame of classical physics, the molecular structures and the internuclear distances (bond lengths) can be obtained with even ten times greater accuracy (in respect of the experimental data) than by the current Gaussian method.

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