'Looking for an answer' present corpuscular hypotheses about the electron and the carriers of the gravitational and electromagnetic fields

Basic assumptions


Nowadays conviction is gaining ground that the search for the 'great unification' must relate to the scale of the Planck units


The rest mass of the electron is expressed in arbitary units such as grams and its radius is expressed in centimeters. Expressed in the Planck units of length d the classical radius of the electron is 2.47x1020, in abstract numbers. The electron mass expressed in Planck-derived units m=1.2346x1020 in abstract numbers, hence it is equal to 1/2 of the 2.47x1020 electron radius in Planck units of length d. A suspicion arises that the photon consists of two 1/2 m masses and that the electron consist of spherical particles with rest masses 1/2h/c2, diameters d, in the number 2.47x1020.

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